Hip & Knee Replacement Programs

following hip or knee surgery at
Prairie Trail Physiotherapy!

With the changes to the healthcare funding structure in Manitoba with regards to physiotherapy services, we have decided as a clinic to offer an in clinic program geared towards post-operative management of knee and hip joint replacement.

Our knee and hip programs are the same one-on-one treatment that you would receive with any physiotherapy session in our facility, however the goal is helping those that are fresh out of one of these surgeries to recover and receive the care they need. We have been running these programs with great success for the last year.

We are extremely fortunate to have Kristy Maksymyk, BMR-PT, an experienced physiotherapist, heading up these programs. In addition to her 9 years with us, she has worked at Concordia hospital for 8+ years directly with hip and knee patients, fresh out of surgery.

Our fee schedule for all treatments, following your initial assessment, has been LOWERED to $46.00 from $68.50 for all patients within 4 months or 16 weeks of their surgery. The goal being to encourage patients to attend and optimize their mobility and strength in the most important time frame after surgery. As expected, an in clinic exercise routine will be included.
As always, we can direct bill your insurance company, so there is no hassle!