Foam rolling is a method of self-myofascial release performed with a piece of cylindrical foam of various sizes and densities. The technique can also be implemented with a tennis or lacrosse ball. It is done by rolling the foam roller or ball under the muscle group of choice, with the goal of massaging ‘trigger points’, which can help relax overactive muscles. An overactive muscle can lead to strength imbalances, which may lead to pain and dysfunction. Your physiotherapist can guide its use as a tool to help treat a multitude of injuries including shoulder or back pain, and muscle strains. It has become more popular recently as it has been found to decrease post exercise soreness when performed pre and post exercise, as well as on days of rest. Foam rollers can be purchased for a relatively low price, making it a cost effective way of managing aches and pains. Contact Prairie Trail Physiotherapy today to find out if foam rolling is right for you.

Dan Girardin