If you have increased muscle aches and pains through your lower back or neck in the morning, the way you are sleeping may be contributing to your pain. Sleeping on your back with a small pillow under your knees maintains the natural spinal curve and can relieve extra pressure through your lower back. Lying on your side with your knees slightly bent and with a pillow between your legs is also a good position to maintain a neutral spine. It is best to try to avoid stomach sleeping, as this causes increased pressure through your lower back and extra torque through your neck. Firm mattresses and pillows are supportive and allow your spine to stay neutral and prevent your head from bending side to side. Be sure to ask your physiotherapist for sleeping posture tips that will work for you at your next appointment!

Kristy Maksymyk BMR-PT, Prairie Trail Physiotherapy, PrairieTrailPhysio.ca