To help stay healthy during pregnancy, newly released 2019 Canadian Guidelines for Physical Activity Throughout Pregnancy recommend 150 min per week (over a minimum of 3 days/week) of moderate intensity exercise for women with uncomplicated pregnancies. Exercise during pregnancy can cut odds of complications such as preeclampsia, gestational diabetes and gestational hypertension by up to 40%.

Exercise should incorporate aerobic and resistance exercise. Keep in mind, some days your body will need rest – listen to your body and use rest and recovery days as needed. Exercises to avoid include contact sports, activities with a risk of falling, scuba diving, exercising at a high altitude and in excessive heat.

Need help staying or getting active? See your physio and get moving!

Sarah Bleichert BMR-PT, MClSc-PT, SPC Sport Cert, FCAMPT
Physiotherapist | Prairie Trail Physiotherapy