Do you get pain in your shoulder when trying to lift your arm? When working overhead? When doing a push up?

Shoulder impingement is a common cause of shoulder pain and over time can lead to a tendonopathy of the rotator cuff muscles or even bursitis. This happens because the rotator cuff tendons can become compressed or pinched under the shoulder blade (the acromion) as the arm is elevated.

There are two main reasons why this may occur, you may have structural narrowing of the sub-acromial space from birth or more commonly you may you have an impingement due to postural and movement related causes.  This impingement may become symptomatic over time due to repetitive overhead activity, trauma, previous injury, poor posture or inactivity.

Physiotherapy plays an important role in the diagnosis and treatment of shoulder impingement. Your static and dynamic posture, muscle strength, flexibility and spine shape all have important roles to play. Physiotherapy treatment concentrates on restoring normal shoulder mobility and pain control, then focus is placed on the scapular strengthening and normalizing scapulo-humeral rhythm. Attention must also be placed on neck and upper back function. The rotator cuff and surrounding musculature must then be loaded appropriately to ensure strength and tendon healing.

Our Winnipeg physiotherapists can assess and determine the source of your shoulder pain with the goal of getting you back to a pain free lifestyle!