If you, like many, work at a desk all day, you know how much of a toll it can take on your back. Sitting in the same position all day long can be physically painful and affect your everyday routine. Performing some easy desk stretches and adding regular movement in your day can help relieve back pain

Here are some great ideas to help ease your back pain and help keep you in motion. 


Sit Tall

How often have you realized that you’re slouching in your desk chair? It’s easy to do. Start by sitting tall. Straighten out your back, align your shoulders, and sit tall. Make this a mindful activity that you do several times each day. The more you practice this the more it will become a habit. 


Shoulder Roll

Sitting tall, gently roll your shoulders forward and backward a few times. Place your hands in your lap and roll your shoulders forward and back several times to ease any discomfort. 


Neck Roll

Gently roll your neck forward as far as it will go until your chin is touching your chest. Now, roll your neck from side to side. You can also roll it as far as possible from one side to the other. This motion will help to ease and reduce neck pain. 


Leg Stretches

Move your desk chair back from your desk enough that you can stretch your legs out in front of you. Stretch them as far forward as possible. Now, take your left ankle and place it on your right knee. Repeat with your other ankle. Hold this position for a count of ten and repeat several times per day. 


Give Yourself A Pat On The Back

Take your right hand and reach over your left shoulder and place your hand flat on your back. Using your left forearm gently grasp your right elbow and gently push it farther to the left until you begin to feel the stretch. Repeat this with the other hand and arm several times to help ease shoulder and back pain. 


Stand And Bend

Stand up tall and bend at the waist. Turn to the left, turn to the right, and then sit back down. Do this a few times daily to help strengthen the back and reduce pain from sitting in the same position for long periods of time. 


Leg Hug

Sitting tall, move your desk chair back far enough that you won’t injure yourself by leaning forward. Place your head on your knees and hug your legs to the count of ten. Do this several times to ease lower back pain. 

While some general stretches and changing postures regularly can help with back pain,  visiting a physiotherapist is the ultimate way to help you find other ways to cope with back pain while you’re sitting at a desk all day. 

A good physiotherapist can help you to find even more great exercises to use while you’re seated. These exercises will greatly reduce your back pain without the need for medications that can have other side effects. 

Share these tips with your coworkers to help ease their back pain.